Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tidal Aquaman

This is a fanfiction fictitious story about Aquaman. All rights of Aquaman belong to DC Comics and DC Comics Associates. This story is meant for free entertainment purposes only.

Episode 1: Not Just a Legend

Setting: At Johnson’s Oil Removers
Jack Johnson: Our profits have really been down these last few months. We need a strategy to get more people to buy our oil removers.
Tim Jones: What are you going to do boss dump oil in secret out in the ocean and then have us clean it? Ha! Ha!
Jack Johnson: That’s not a bad idea.
Tim Jones: Boss, I was just joking.
Jack Johnson: That’s okay. I still want you two to do it. Just make sure no one sees you.
Ted Jones: You can count on us boss.
Setting: At the Far Side of the Ocean
Ted Jones: Do you have the oil ready.
Tim Jones: Yes.
Sparky: (A seahorse sees their plan and warns Aquaman.) Tidal Aquaman, there are two guys on a boat with oil. I think they plan on dumping it in the ocean.
Tidal Aquaman: I’ll go talk to them. (Swims up to the surface.) Excuse me gentlemen, but what are you doing with that oil?
Ted Jones: We work for an oil cleaning company. We are studying this oil to see how we can better remove oil from sea when necessary.
Tidal Aquaman: I see. Well it’s probably not a good idea to dump the oil in the ocean.
Ted Jones: Yes, you are right. (They leave.)
Tidal Aquaman: Sparky, I don’t trust those two so I’m going to follow them.
Sparky: See you later.
Setting: At Johnson’s Oil Removers
Ted Jones: Boss we have a problem.
Jack Johnson: What is it?
Ted Jones: There was a man in an orange shirt and green pants that saw us.
Jack Johnson: An orange shirt and green pants? Does he think he’s Aquaman or something? Just make sure it doesn’t happen again. In the mean time I’m going to take the company jet and prepare bombs one hundred miles away from here. When the bombs are complete it will set off a chain reaction so strong that a tsunami will be formed. I’ll warn the people about the tsunami before it comes, but they won’t know that I was the one who caused it. This way the people will love me. Since there seems to be a wannabe Aquaman here I’ll just call myself Black Manta. You two know what to do. (Leaves.)
Tidal Aquaman: (Shows up one hour later and walks in through the door.) I want to talk to you two gentlemen if you have a moment.
Ted Jones: Ha! Ha! You walk in here with those silly clothes. You must really think you are Aquaman.
Tidal Aquaman: How did you know my name?
Ted Jones: Look, I’ve gotta comic book right here of Aquaman and according to this comic book he can’t breathe out of water for a long time.
Tidal Aquaman: (Falls to his knees.) You’re right. I can’t stay here like this.
Ted Jones: You’ve come here at the wrong time. By entering here you have risked learning things you don’t need to know and for that you will be beat up as a warning to stay away.
Tidal Aquaman: (Extends his right hand upward.) Just kidding. (Ted Jones is pushed backward to the wall and falls down.)
Tim Jones: How did you do that?
Tidal Aquaman: I can control any volume of water as long as I’m at a close enough range.
Ted Jones: But I’m not water.
Tidal Aquaman: But the human body is over seventy percent water so all I had to do was control the water inside your body.
Tim Jones: Yeah, well now you have to deal with me.
Tidal Aquaman: Oh please, I have two hands don’t I? (Extends left hand upward and forces Tim Jones to go backwards, hit the wall, and fall down.)
Tim Jones: Oh no, that sound! There must have been an earthquake nearby! A tsunami is approaching us! Is this the boss’s doing!?
Ted Jones: No, that won’t be for another couple of months.
Tidal Aquaman: I don’t know what you two are talking about, but I’ll stop the tsunami.
Ted Jones: Please, not even you could stop that.
Tidal Aquaman: There is a reason I’m called “Aquaman”. (Stands up. Points his right hand in an open position at the tsunami and reverses it back down and calms it.) I see your boss isn’t here so I’ll come back. I’d tell you two to tell him about me, but he probably wouldn’t believe you anyway. Later. (Leaves.)
Setting: At the Beach
Boy 1: (Reading an Aquaman comic book with another boy.) Are you really Aquaman?
Tidal Aquaman: I sure am son. (Dives into the ocean.)

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